This is not Amberica

i can't decide the right to choose 
in femicide and tortured truths
the circumstances overrule
world wide web hysterica

underestimated mysgon carrier 
overlapping more the merrier
cornered threshold thinker
dark hearted whisky drinker

androcentric point of view
capitalistic cultural cue
3dimensional flatscreen diver
world war3 does need a driver

this polemic sustainability 
delivers hate accuracy 
digs deeper lines into the skies 
i think this toll will bring denies

☧ 9.11.2016 †

Matt Flores and Me started Music-Production on the Lyrics to 'This is not Amberica' yesterday 10.11.16.
As soon as work is completed, you will find a SoundCloudLink embedded.

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A Small Mans Mind

A small mans mind a power toy
Who's fooling who, a childish ploy.
Open your heart, your eyes can't see
Your born to die and born to be.

Logical is nothing, i don't understand.
With so it's a finger with others a hand.
When smiles count for nothing, honour in sand.
Where meaningful is abstract, in wonderland.

Logic didn't bring me here, a glistening gem in space.
Why this sad distaining mask, when i look past your face.
You are as i, no more no less.
Abstract logic, that is all, you know now you have guessed.

A small mans mind a power toy.
Who's fooling who, this childish ploy.
A small mans mind is full of fear.
Life like a swamp is never clear.

Diving to the depths of time, ages lost in senseless crime.
Learning how to kill at will, is this life, is that skill?
Man was born to live in pain, man was born to go insane?
Ignorance his abstract law cowardice his greatest flaw.

A small mans mind a power toy
Who's fooling who a childish ploy.
A few short years and then, so what!
Your attitude is all, or not?

Following the leader in a line, politicians doing fine.
Bringing all from A to B forget the Z
Writing pictures abstract space
Logic law taken your' place.
Small is man locked in his head, fantasia all but dead.